2 Minute Meditation

2 Minute Meditation
2 Minute Meditation

Why Meditation?

nowadays, particularly those who live in cities, have hectic lives. Their daily
tasks are extremely demanding, and they have a deadline to meet. In addition to
the stress and tension at work, they must fulfill their personal obligations to
support and please their family. If you feel overly pressured, go through
significant life changes, worry about your future or the future of your children,
don’t have much or any control over how something will turn out, have
burdensome responsibilities, are unemployed, or don’t get promoted at work,
don’t have enough work, activities, or change in your life, or experience
discrimination, hate, or abuse, you may experience stress. In these
circumstances, meditation greatly aids in overcoming the strains and stress of
modern life in order to have a healthy existence.

What Is

Meditation is a
set of methods used to promote increased awareness and concentrated attention
might be referred to as meditation. A wide range of advantages for
psychological well-being has been linked to the consciousness-altering practice
of meditation.

What is Sound meditation?

To calm the
mind and promote deeper concentration, sound meditation makes use of music and
sound. Many different civilizations, faiths, and mystic traditions still use
this age-old ritual. Because music has multiple dimensions, it connects various parts of the brain and makes meditation possible without using
thought. It can reduce anxiety and enhance well-being.

What Is
Mindfulness Meditation?

Meditation is a mental exercise that teaches you to quiet your body and mind
down, let go of negativity, and slow down your racing thoughts. It blends
meditation with mindfulness, which is a mental state that entails being present in “the now” in order to accept and appreciate your thoughts,
feelings, and sensations without condemnation.

methods might differ, mindfulness meditation often entails deep breathing and
awareness of one’s body and mind. There are no tools or preparations needed to practice
mindfulness meditation (no need for candles, essential oils, or mantras, unless
you enjoy them). All you need to begin started is a relaxed spot to sit, three
to five minutes of free time, and an attitude free of judgment.

How to prepare
for Meditation?

Listen to the 2-minute meditation video below
before beginning your own session. Then, proceed step-by-step as follows to
begin your meditation.

2 Minute Meditation VIDEO

Find a peaceful, cozy location. With your head,
neck, and back upright but not rigid, sit in a chair or on the floor. Wearing
loose, comfortable attire will also help you concentrate.

  1. Even a short daily meditation session can have
    a positive impact, while some people prefer longer sessions. When you feel
    comfortable meditating for 30 minutes at a time, start with a brief 2-minute
    meditation session and gradually extend them by 10 or 15 minutes.
  2. Become attentive to the sensation of air
    entering and leaving your body while you breathe. As the air passes through and
    out of your nostrils, you’ll feel your belly rise and fall. Pay attention to
    how the temperature changes between the inhaled and expelled breath.
  3. The objective is to become more at ease with
    being the “witness” to the thoughts rather than to stop thinking.
    Don’t dismiss or suppress thoughts that come to mind. Instead, acknowledge
    them. Just take notice of them, stay composed, and use your breathing as a
    centering force. Watch your ideas drift by as they fluctuate and change, like
    clouds passing by. The number of times you need to repeat this while meditating
    is up to you.
  4. If you notice that your thoughts are getting
    out of control—whether they are driven by worry, fear, anxiety, or hope—just
    observe where your thoughts have gone without passing judgment and come back
    to your breathing. If this occurs, don’t be too hard on yourself; mindfulness
    is constantly bringing your attention back to your breath and the present

Hopefully, seeing the
meditation video and taking the actions will alter your life. Please leave
any comments or recommendations so that I can adjust, as necessary.

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