April 2021

National culture and Corruption

The nexus between corruption and national culture

Introduction  Is there any connection between corruption and a country’s cultural characteristics? To answer it, the researcher examined the relationship between Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and corruption. Gert Hofstede (1980) classified the national cultures in terms of four dimensions i.e., Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Masculinity/Femininity, and Individualism/Collectivism. Hofstede’s cultural index Power distance, individualism, and masculinity were …

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Brief on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited-PSX

Secondary Data: Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited-PSX The Karachi Stock Exchange was founded on September 18, 1947, and formally incorporated on March 10, 1949. To meet the stock trading needs of the provincial metropolis, a second stock exchange was established in Lahore in October 1970. The Islamabad Stock Exchange was founded in October 1989 to serve investors …

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