Perceptions and practices of corporate social responsibility among SMEs in Karachi-A primary data research

Corporate Social Responsibility

Qualitative research and research papers

This study was conducted to discover how Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Karachi perceive and practice their Corporate Social Responsibilities by using primary data research. We have conducted interviews with nineteen CEOs, Executives, and managers of different Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) doing their businesses in Karachi. We have prepared twelve questions on various aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to enquire about their opinion/perceptions in this respect. After getting details on the subject from our 19 respondents and converting their voices into transcripts so that they can code the main idea or message. A certain pattern emerged from these codes that were translated into focus code and from them we have constructed the following six themes. This study will help policymakers at the governmental level and private levels shape policies, rules, and regulations in promoting CSR activities in Karachi and Pakistan in general. These types of policies are necessary when the poverty level increases with every passing day, keeping in mind the prevailing inflationary conditions of the economy.

You may read/download the full research paper by clicking on the link below. 👇

Perceptions & Practices of CSR

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