Take Online Stress Test to know; How well do you cope under pressure?

How Well Do You
Cope Under Pressure?

At some point
in our lives, we all face various levels of pressure and stress, and we cope
with it in diverse ways. Some sources of stress may be more manageable than
others. School examinations, for example, are a major source of anxiety. We
have time to psychologically prepare ourselves as well as take practice
examinations and revise because we know these exams will take place several years in advance.

Nobody performs better under difficulty, which may surprise
you. Pressure impairs our judgment, decision-making, attention, and
performance regardless of the task. The book “IQ & personality tests:
assess and develop your creativity, aptitude, and intelligence / Philip Carter”
provides the basis for this quiz. Nobody performs better under duress, which
may surprise you. Pressure impairs our judgment, decision-making, attention,
and performance regardless of the task. 

The true tests of life, on the other hand, are not so
predictable. The following is a list of common events and experiences that
might create stress; we are most sensitive when these events happen suddenly
and simultaneously (the double or triple whammy):

  • a partner’s death
  • A relationship’s divorce/separation/breakup.
  • A close family or friend has died.
  • a personal ailment
  • a loved one’s illness
  • We are relocating.
  • redundancy.
  • big debts/mortgage
  • Children are no longer living at home.
  • Workplace changes include a new job, a new supervisor, and
    new duties.

Loss of sleep, impatience, a quick temper, concern, and
stress-related illnesses are all common responses to stress. Dealing with
stress responses can be tough since what one person feels stressed or
stressful, another may not, and we all react differently to different stressful
events. Nonetheless, improving your understanding of the major sources of
pressure and stress is a good place to start, as it will at the very least
assist you in determining what you can do about it.


Check your overall score; the most possible score is sixty (60) points, and the lowest possible score is zero (0).


45–60 points

Your score shows that you are a natural under pressure.
Others are likely to think of you as someone who is extremely laid-back and
completely relaxed, and you can always keep things under check. The only word of warning is that even if you are fortunate enough to
have this temperament and attitude, you should still be prepared for
potentially stressful events that will undoubtedly arise. In other words, you
should be able to anticipate pressures and leave room for the unexpected. It’s
also important to remember that some stress is beneficial, as individuals
respond to and are motivated by difficulties.

31–44 points

While you may feel pressed and worried on occasion, such
situations are the exception rather than the rule, and, more importantly, they
are never long-lasting. As a result, you’ll be able to turn it off when necessary
and avoid overworking yourself. You appear to be in the fortunate position of
being able to look after yourself when under duress and of being able to say no
when someone makes unreasonable demands.

Less than 30 points

Your score shows that you are negatively affected by
pressure. Because society’s code of conduct prohibits many natural ways of
releasing pent-up emotions, such as through violence or fleeing the situation,
pressure can build up inside you, and this is when you are most prone to
stress. You could have a propensity to blow things out of proportion during
these moments. However, it’s important to remember that most of the things we
worry about never happen, that most of the pressures that build up are only
temporary, and that if we deal with these pressures in a methodical and planned
manner, we shouldn’t be as severely affected. These kinds of demands
aren’t limited to just us; they affect everyone at some point in their lives.

How well do you cope under pressure?You should also be aware that stress is a result
of pressure, and many ailments are caused by stress. It is therefore critical
that you try to take a step back in stressful situations and think about your
current situation, your life in general, and the positive things that exist and
are occurring. In general, strive to adopt a more upbeat attitude when coping
with what is referred to as “modern-day difficulties,” but which
are, in fact, the same pressures that have existed in some form for previous
generations. Modern science should, in fact, enable us to manage these
constraints better than we have in the past. At the very least, we are now
aware of the dangers of such scenarios. Analyzing and recognizing the reason or
causes of the pressure, your reactions to the pressure, and your means of
coping with the pressure are all examples of a good approach. It may also
entail altering your perspective on the pressure, improving the way you do
things, such as in a professional environment, and knowing where to go for help
and who to talk to when necessary. I hope Online Stress Test helped you to understand, How well do you cope under pressure?

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