Test your interpersonal skills by knowing “How much you can be assertive”?

 What is Assertiveness?

In social and communication skills training, assertiveness or “to be assertive” is
frequently mentioned. Being assertive is being able to speak up for your own or
others’ rights in a calm and positive manner, without being aggressive or accepting
‘wrong’ passively.

Assertive people always respect other people’s views, feelings, and
beliefs as well as their own.

Assertiveness is a crucial personal and interpersonal ability that
involves being able to adequately communicate sentiments, wishes, needs, and
desires. Assertiveness may help you communicate yourself in a clear, open, and
reasonable manner in all of your encounters with other people, whether at home
or at work, with employers, customers, or coworkers, without jeopardizing your
own or others’ rights.

Individuals with assertiveness can act in their own best interests,
stand up for themselves without feeling anxious, express honest feelings
without rejecting the rights of others, and express personal rights without
denying the rights of others.

The following are examples of assertive behaviour:

  • How much you can be assertive?
    be assertive

    Openly expressing one’s wishes, thoughts, and feelings, as well as
    encouraging others to do so. See our page on Managing Emotions for more

  • Listening to what others have to say and responding appropriately,
    whether or not you agree with them. See our page on Active Listening for more
  • Accepting responsibility and delegating tasks to others. For
    additional information, see our Delegation Skills page.
  • Expressing gratitude for what others have done or are doing on a
    regular basis. See our Gratitude and Being Grateful page for more information.
  • Being able to admit and apologize for faults.
  • Self-control is a skill that may be learned. For additional
    information, see our Self-Control page.
  • Behaving in a manner
    that is comparable to that of others. To learn more, see our page on Justice
    and Fairness.

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