Top 25 PSX-listed Companies in Historical Context

Top-25 Companies over time

The stock exchange for Pakistan is called the Pakistan Stock
Exchange (PSX), and it is based in Karachi. Before changing its name in 2016,
the exchange was known as the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). The PSX is South
Asia’s second-largest stock market and the 15th-largest in all of Asia.

Oil and gas, finance, fertilizers, cement, steel, insurance, and
telecommunications are just a few of the industries in which these businesses
are active. These leading businesses have a substantial impact on the nation’s economic
growth and development, and the PSX is a crucial indicator of the overall
health of the Pakistani economy.

It is important to note that the market capitalization and current
ranking may have changed since the knowledge cutoff date.

Key Factor of Ranking

Market capitalization, total assets, sales, net income, and profits
per share are often the factors considered to select the top 25 companies listed on
the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) (EPS).

Market Cap

The total value of a company’s outstanding shares of stock is known
as market capitalization, or “market cap.” It is determined by
dividing the stock price at the time of calculation by the number of
outstanding shares. Corporations with a more significant market capitalization are often
rated higher on the list of top companies since they are thought to be more

Total Assets Turnover

Total assets, which include cash, investments, and property, relating
to the aggregate value of all the resources a corporation possesses. Companies
are often ranked higher on the list if they have more total assets because they
are thought to be financially stronger.

Gross and Net Income 

The total amount of money a firm earns from its business operations
is known as revenue. Companies with higher revenue are often ranked higher on
the list since they are thought to be more successful.

Net income is a business’s entire amount of money after
all costs are deducted from sales. Companies are often ranked higher on the
list if their net income is higher because they are thought to be more

Earnings Per Share

The financial ratio known as earnings per share (EPS) calculates
how much profit a firm makes from each share of its stock. Companies are often
ranked higher on the list if their EPS is higher because they are thought to be
more profitable.

It is important to note that PSX has its own ranking system, and
while its requirements may change from those listed above, these are the
general criteria that are utilized to identify the top companies.


Companies that have regularly outperformed the market over some time tend to hold high positions on the list of top companies listed on the
PSX. These businesses often have excellent financial standing, an impressive
performance history, and a dominant market position in their respective
industries. Oil and gas, banking, and telecommunications are a few examples of
sectors where corporations frequently hold a strong position over several

Top 25 Companies in 2021

Top 25 PSX-listed Companies in Historical Context

Top 25 Companies in 2020

Top 25 PSX-listed Companies in 2020

Top 25 Companies in 2019

Top 25 PSX-listed Companies 2019

Top 25 Companies in 2018

Top 25 PSX-listed Companies 2018

Top 25 Companies in 2017

Top 25 PSX-listed Companies 2017

Top 25 Companies in 2016

Top 25 PSX-listed Companies 2016

Top 25 Companies in 2014-15

Top 25 PSX-listed Companies 2014-15

Animated Table of Performance

The following animated table shows the top 25 companies in
terms of rating throughout time, these are also known as the blue-chip companies of Pakistan. The highest is at the bottom of the table, and the lowest is at the top. For instance, a company with a rank of 1 is not the
lowest but rather the highest ranked, and a company with a level of 25 is not
the highest but rather the lowest.

Selection Box

OGDC 369.2B 85.84 2.31
NESTLE 238.8B 5266.03 15.87
MARI 198.6B 1489.01 4.92
PPL 188.7B 69.35 2.67
PAKT 182.7B 715 8.57
MEBL 178.0B 99.49 3.96
ENGRO 172.8B 299.9 8.15
COLG 171.4B 1412 14.71
MCB 141.3B 119.25 4.32
UBL 140.8B 115.02 4.39
SYS 139.9B 482 13.93
LUCK 134.7B 416.5 8.08
UPFL 132.6B 20811.58 16.67
FFC 129.9B 102.09 6.48
POL 125.7B 443 4.28
EFERT 115.4B 86.46 7.49
HBL 104.6B 71.31 3.39
HUBC 93.7B 72.2 3.37
SCBPL 87.1B 22.49 4.38
BWCL 80.5B 135 6.86
ABL 75.7B 66.08 3.57
PSEL 75.1B 2310 231.46
RMPL 73.9B 8000.01 11.96

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